Three Weeks in March



by Mickey Bryant

The three weeks in 1959 when Don Garlits was paid to travel from Tampa, Florida to Southern California to take on the very best to see who really was the fastest car on the planet. Initial failure turned to triumph for Garlits, and then it was back home. Not satisfied, the powers of the west coast drag racing scene paid him in December to do it again. That one day race in December, considered by most historians the greatest one day event ever, featured the showdown between Art Chrisman and Don Garlits, a rivalry that brewed all year long. Read about both trips to SoCal for Team Garlits and all the incredible happenings in between – including the setting and resetting of new world records by the top guns of the day during that year of 1959. Loaded with color pictures taken right at the tracks during that year plus headlines and stories from Drag News Magazine, the drag racing bible of the day. Don Garlits race secrets are revealed and recollections from “Big Daddy” himself.

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