The Return of The Stone Age Man!!



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The 60’s and early ’70’s was the showcase period of drag racing’s most colorful character, George “The Stone Age Man” Hutcheson. Absolutely fearless when it came to driving any of the fastest and most potent cars of the time, “Hutch” took on the challenge of driving cars none would dare – and with the showmanship he was famous for. With those bright red ostrich plumes standing at attention out of his helmet, George set record times while taming such beasts as the Rat Trap, the US Turbine 1, the Syndicate – and, his finest creation, The Stone Age Man AA/FD. The story of this legendary drag racer, and the restoration of that car to perfect 1968 standards, is now available in a new book written by the accomplished author, Todd Hutcheson, and in stunning posters bringing the car to life again after some 40 years!

Chronicles of The Stone Age Man
by Todd Hutcheson

85 pages 8 1/2 x 11 hard bound loaded with eye-popping color pictures of the car from original through restoration and then to the completed work of art.

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