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Drag Racing’s First Superstar

Written by Mickey Bryant and Todd Hutcheson

Drag racing’s first superstar. In early February 1957 the top fuel dragster of Cook and Bedwell ran 166.97 mph shattering the previous record by a full 11 miles per hour! With its go-fast secrets and innovative components, the car ruled the world of drag racing for the rest of the year. Loaded with pictures from the day and insights from the ones who made it happen, relive the ups and downs of the men and events that created the legend.

COOK and BEDWELL Drag Racing’s First Superstar Cover COOK and BEDWELL Drag Racing’s First Superstar Book Price: $27.50 + S&H

The King of Lions

The King of Lions

Written by Mickey Bryant and Todd Hutcheson

Read about the greatest winning streak in racing history. The car was the A/G Dragster of Albertson Olds. The year 1960. The track Lions Drag Strip, Long Beach, CA. The most successful car in drag racing history!

Loaded with pictures from that year - 1960. Recollections of events by drag racing legends including Gene Adams himself. Facts never revealed before. "DragToons" by drag racing’s premier cartoonist, Jeff DeGrandis 106 pages

The King of Lions The King of Lions Book Price: $23.50 + S&H $7.00

Don Garlits, R.E.D. Part 1 and Part 2

Available Now! - each book $24.95 Order both Part 1 and Part 2 for $42.95

Forwards by Don Prudhomme and Andy Carter

"Finally, someone has written about this incredible period of time in drag racing history!" - Don Prudhomme

by Mickey Bryant & Todd Hutcheson Don Garlits Book R.E.D.

This is a journey thru a period of time for drag racing fastest class, top fuel dragsters. It covers a mere eighteen months, broken down in two books, Part 1, and Part 2., that together represent a miniscule portion of the sport that started in the early fifties and is going strong today. The people featured within these two separate accounts, shaped and maneuvered the sport like no other time frame in the sport's history. They were influenced by how it was done in the past but they pushed thru technical boundaries that seemingly existed at the time to launch a new chapter that spawned the beast that we see today – the rear engine dragster (R.E.D.). If necessity was the mother of invention then its father was creativity.

The events involved in this capsule of chaos have become folk lore within the sport. Probably the most talked about two events in drag racing history become the bookends of these books. Part 1 opens with the race at Lions Drag Strip in Long Beach, Ca., March 8th, 1970 and Part 2 ends with the Indy Nationals September 7th, 1971. The events of these historic two days are chronicled and examined in detail as never before, showing what really happened at the sports most famous venues of the day, and dispelling rumors and flat out misunderstandings of what went down there.

They were also the very first and the very last race by drag racing's most revered rear engine dragster – Don Garlits' Swamp Rat 14.

In Part 1, we feature the March, 8th, 1970 race that put Garlits in the hospital and on the sideline. That race for him lasted only 40 feet. Part 1 ends right where the secret build of the new R.E.D. is completed and the Garlits Boys are packing up to head out west to showcase this new design. This is a complete and stand alone account of all that happened in the year 1970.

Part 2 takes you through the step by step account of this historic machine, Swamp Rat 14, and ends with the Indy Nationals September 7th, 1971, and Garlits' astonishing elapsed time that lasted 40 years, and counting.

Available Now! - each book $24.95 + S&H
Order both Part 1 and Part 2 for $42.95 + S&H

R.E.D. Part 1

R.E.D. Part 2

Both R.E.D. Books, Parts 1 & 2


I'm Swamp Rat 1

Written by Mickey Bryant / Graphics and Layout by Todd Hutcheson

Don Garlits' Swamp Rat 1 is considered by many as the greatest drag race car in history. This is the story of her life from when she blasted on the scene with that world record run in December of 1957 through her greatest triumph, December 1959 at Riverside, CA. Detailed by someone who was there every inch of the way – the car herself!

Don’t you think its time we heard it from the cars point of view! Beautifully illustrated with cartoons and drawings plus photographs never seen before. 60 pages 8 ½ x 11 in full color.

Don Garlits and His Cars I'm Swamp Rat 1 Book Price: $14.95 + S&H $5.00

INTRODUCING... Our new mini-book series!

by Mickey Bryant / Todd Hutcheson

A quick read of one of drag racing’s historic events. 25-30 pages each. Autographed by legends of the sport! More coming...

#1 Turning Point – In-depth analysis of Don Garlits’ explosion on March 8, 1970 that prompted him to build his revolutionary rear-engine dragster.

#2 March to Oblivion – What events lead to the extinction of the front-engine dragster and how they became obsolete and dangerous at the end.

#3 Putting It All Behind – The detailed account of just what Don Garlits did in building his Swamp Rat 14, the first successful rear-engine dragster.

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The Last Drag Race

by Todd Hutcheson / Mickey Bryant

The last race at the famous Lions Drag Strip in Long Beach, CA on December 1-2, 1972, and all the bizarre and wild races and celebrations.

The Last Drag Race The Last Drag Race BOOK price $11.95 + S&H

Three Weeks in March


by Mickey Bryant Three Weeks in March Three Weeks in March

The three weeks in 1959 when Don Garlits was paid to travel from Tampa, Florida to Southern California to take on the very best to see who really was the fastest car on the planet. Initial failure turned to triumph for Garlits, and then it was back home. Not satisfied, the powers of the west coast drag racing scene paid him in December to do it again. That one day race in December, considered by most historians the greatest one day event ever, featured the showdown between Art Chrisman and Don Garlits, a rivalry that brewed all year long. Read about both trips to SoCal for Team Garlits and all the incredible happenings in between – including the setting and resetting of new world records by the top guns of the day during that year of 1959. Loaded with color pictures taken right at the tracks during that year plus headlines and stories from Drag News Magazine, the drag racing bible of the day. Don Garlits race secrets are revealed and recollections from "Big Daddy" himself.



The 60's and early '70's was the showcase period of drag racing's most colorful character, George "The Stone Age Man" Hutcheson. Absolutely fearless when it came to driving any of the fastest and most potent cars of the time, "Hutch" took on the challenge of driving cars none would dare - and with the showmanship he was famous for. With those bright red ostrich plumes standing at attention out of his helmet, George set record times while taming such beasts as the Rat Trap, the US Turbine 1, the Syndicate - and, his finest creation, The Stone Age Man AA/FD. The story of this legendary drag racer, and the restoration of that car to perfect 1968 standards, is now available in a new book written by the accomplished author, Todd Hutcheson, and in stunning posters bringing the car to life again after some 40 years!

Chronicles of The Stone Age Man

by Todd Hutcheson

85 pages 8 1/2 x 11 hard bound loaded with eye-popping color pictures of the car from original through restoration and then to the completed work of art.

Chronicles of the Stone Age Man Chronicles of The Stone Age Man Book price $19.95 + S&H


Front Engine Fueler

Front Engine Fueler

Rare footage shot from 1959-1962 of Don Garlits, Chrisman-Cannon, Tony Waters and all the other top fuel cars of the day. See the first race when Garlits unveiled the now blown Swamp Rat 1-B at Kingdon Raceway in Lodi, California in March of 1959. Actual footage of the side by side duel between Garlits and Hashim-Hylton-Crossley as described in the book "Three Weeks In March". The front and back color shots on the DVD are also in the book. In addition, later years of Don Prudhomme, Connie Kalitta, James Warren and more. Music and narration accompany the presentation. Total 90 minutes.

DVD price $19 + S&H

Stone Age Poster

Stone Age Poster

12 x 18 High Gloss Quality

Poster Price $6.00 + S&H

Famoso March Meet Oldies

Famoso March Meet

Actual footage of the first March Meet in 1959 when Don Garlits traveled west for the first time to contest the SoCal big guns. See the very first run of Garlits down this historic track with 40,000 people watching, plus the fuel kings of the west coast – Chrisman-Cannon, Cyr-Hopper, Gary Cagle, Tony Waters and the beautiful streamliner of Jocko Johnson. You will watch a monumental showdown between two members of the exclusive "180 mph" club, Chrisman-Cannon and Gary Cagle! Also includes the 1960 March Meet that features the stars of the "Gassers" - Stone-Woods-Cook and Big John Mazmanian. Later years of Dick Landy and Butch Leal to Jack Chrisman and Mickey Thompson. Total 45 minutes.





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